Welcome Teachers!

We hope you will enjoy participating in this project with your class. Here are the steps to join the Reading Connection project:

Please register your class for this project (upon registration, you will receive an invite to this wiki as well as an invitation to Google Document of forms).

Once you have registered and joined this wiki, your students may begin to contribute to this global database of exciting books for elementary students. In order to allow for different learning styles, technology access and ability levels, we have provided different options for submitting book reviews:
  • text-based reviews entered into this form.
  • multimedia reviews (VoiceThread, Blabberize, Movie, Podcast, blog posts, wikis - the choices are endless) which can be linked under the appropriate age-level on the Connect page. Please see the resources page for tutorials and tips on how to use these multimedia tools. You may add new pages to this wiki, or you may create your own and simply link to your wiki here - whatever is easiest for your class!

To deepen dialogue and connect our classes, we will offer a suggested book title several times throughout the year. We will post the title and author, and then share central VoiceThread where all students can contribute their thoughts and reflections on this shared reading.